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Why not stop by for a visit? It would be our pleasure to show you what we have to offer. Our business hours are: Monday - Friday are 6:00 pm to 9:00pm  Saturday 11:00am-4:00pm  Sunday - Call any time for appointment, this is were we are above other businesses, If I'm Home I'm Open for business !!



Where to Find Us:

Roger's Gun Shop
18307 County Highway 4

Carey, OH 43316

Phone: 419 458-0001

What's New

Expanded business hours

Call any time after hours for appointment!

This is were we are above other Business



For CCW classes in the area:


Jim Jury CCW classes



Shooting Range:

Wyandot Co. Coon Hunters Assn. Inc.

12759 TR 133

Nevada,Ohio 44849

Meetings Are Every First Saturday of

the month @ 7pm 

New online presence

Now you can find current information about our services online.


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